About Us

Examining graphs with other people on backgroundFan Distributing LLC entered the debt purchasing business in 1992. It has purchased accounts originated by the following financial institutions during the past 20 years – Chase Manhattan Bank, Wells Fargo, US Bank, National City Bank, Compass Bank, HSBC, Bank One, Citibank, Key Bank, Bank of America, First Tennessee Bank, and Maryland National Bank among others.

Fan Distributing LLC is registered in all states that have compliance regulation requirements. We have a legal network of over 50 law firms. Some of these law firms have had an ongoing association with Fan for more than 20 years.

Our Services

  • Evaluate files of nonperforming accounts submitted for purchase
  • Evaluate media files (applications, statements, contracts, notes) provided as part of the sale
  • Provide a Purchase and Sale Agreement customized to the sale for review
  • Wire payment by ACH at time of closing


Member of:

  • ACA #3075494 (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) International